Yishay Barnea | Hotel General Manager

Aged 43, married with 4 children, General Manager of the hotel since 2008.
Over 20 years in the hotel industry, considered a veteran in the field and with a wealth of experience. Amongst his different roles over the years, at the age of 24 Yishay was the first Purchasing and Logistics Manager of Dan Hotel in Tel-Aviv and Finance Manager of Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem. He has a B.A. in Logistics from the Tel-Aviv School of Management and a diploma from the Haifa Technion University in Hotel Senior Management.
"My vision is to grant hotel service in the best possible manner, with special service and personal attention to each and every customer"

Hila Atari | Deputy Manager of Hotel Yehuda

Aged 36, has worked in the hotel from its opening in 2006, becoming Deputy Manager in 2008.

Hila began as a waitress and reception clerk in an exclusive boutique hotel in Jerusalem and from there advanced quickly in the field. Has a B.A. in Management and Communication as well as in Special Education. Has participated in other educational programs which combine managing methods with the human soul.

her "I believe" stresses on good human relations and seeing a person first and foremost as a human being whether he is a worker or guest of the hotel.

Russell Bevington | Reception Manager

Originally from the UK moved to Israel in 1984.
Working hands on within the hospitality industry from 1987 and has a B.A. in Hotel Management from the Technion University. Russell joined the team at Hotel Yehuda in 2010 and has seen the hotel develop and blossom into what it is today.
"Every day is a good day at Hotel Yehuda. The views are amazing and the building is beautiful. Having the opportunity to learn and grow within a role here is a real pleasure".

Gili Ben Moshe | Hotel Chef

Aged 34, began his way in the culinary and food industry in his youth.
For many years worked within the "Crown Plaza Chain" where he grew and advanced to Head Chef at the Jerusalem Crown Plaza. In addition Gili worked at the King David and Inbal hotels as a Chef Patesierre which is his expertise. Gili acquired "tricks of the trade" at the prestigious school for chefs "Lanotarre Paris". Recently specializing in the Michelin Star restaurant under Chef Thomas Camierre in Berlin Germany as well as training at the Intercontinental Hotel in the centers of Paris and Austria.
"I believe in the complexity of the simple. To provide an authentic culinary experience of Israeli food with a European sense, which provides our guests with a unique hospitality experience".